Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Durga puja Pandal hopping plan or itinerary

Hey guys here is something very helpful... I got this as a WhatsApp forwarded message... so the credit goes to the original itinerary planner... I  am posting this here as it will reach more and more people...

Kolkata Pandel hopping route and order

North Kolkata

Take a metro to Girish Park Metro Station and then follow this order:
1 Darpanarayan Street
2 Pathuriyaghata
3 Ahiritola
4 Beniyatola
5 Jagat Mukherjee park
6 Kumartuli park
7 Kumartuli sarbajanin
8 Bagbazar sarbajanin
9 Tala barowari
10 Tala protya
Now come to Shyambazar five point junction and go towards Hatibagan.
11 Sikdar bagan
12 Nabin pally
13 Nalin sarkar street
14 Hati bagan sarbajanin
15 Kashi bose lane

Now come to Khanna theatre crossing and go towards Kankurgachi.

16 Kakurgachi jubak brinda
17 Kakur gachi mitali
18 Beleghata 33 pally

From there go to Ultadanga 

19 Ultadanga sangrami
20 Ultadanga pally sree
21 Golaghata sarbajanin

From there go to Lake Town

22 Sribhumi sporting
23 Laketown adibashi brinda
24 Lake town netaji sporting
25 Dumdum park
26 Bharat chakra
27 4 no tank
28 Dumdum park Jubak brinda
29 Dumdum tarun dal
Now Baguihati
30 Prafullakanan
From there go to
31 Maniktala Chalta bagan loha potti
32 Vivekananda sporting
33 Simlya bayam samity
This will bring you back to Girish Park Metro Station.
Go to
34 Md.ali park.
35 College square
36 Santosh mitra square

South Kolkata

Start from Netaji Bhawan Metro

37 Bhawanipur 75 pally
38 Bhawanipur bakul bagan
39 Sadhin sangha
40 Abasar
41 Bhawanipur sarbajanin
42 Rupchand kundu lane
43 Ebar madox square
Go to Rashbehari now
44 badamtala ashar sangha
45 66 pally
46 Nepal bhattacharya street
47 Chetla agrani
Back to Rashbehari
48 Mudiyali
49 Shib mandir
Take Lake side road and enter
50 Samajsebi
51 Ballygunj culture
52 Tridhara
53 Desho priya park
54 Singhi park
55 Ekdaliya
56 Falguni sangha
57 Ballygunj 21 pally
58 Kasba
59 Bose pukur sitalamandir
60 Bose pukur Taltala
61 Raj danga naba udyan sangha

Comeback to Gariahat and go towards Golpark

62 Babubagan
63 Selimpur pally
64 Jodhpur park
65 95 pally
66 Cross JU and go to Sulekha mor
67 Santoshpur trikon park
68 Santoshpur pally mangal samity
69 Santoshpur lake pally
Now take Bypass till Patuli
70 Patuli sarbajanin
71 Kanduya maytri
72 45B bus stand e patuli nogor brinda
Now go to Naktala through Garia
73 Naktala udyan sangha
74 Netaji jatiya seba dal
Go to Tollygunj mor
75 Tollygunj vivekananda sporting
76 Ajay shanghati
77 SB park thakurpukur
78 Barisha club
79 Behala friends
80 Behala tarun dal
81 Behala jubo maitri
82 Behala club.
83 Alipor sarbajanin
84 New alipore suruchi sangha
85 Buro shibtala

Now Khidderpore 

86 25 pally
87 75 pally
88 Nabarag
89 Pally sharadiya
90 Jubak sangha
91 Kabitirtha
Missed in order
92 Park Circus
93 Entally Srbojonin
94 Adi Ballygaunge

Monday, 26 October 2015

Barrackpore's famous "Joluaa'r Kochuri"

If you happen to be in Barrackpore and wish to have "Heenger Kochuri" and "Chholar Daal" then don't think twice... head straight to Joluaa'r Dokan (Joluaa's Shop) opposite Barrackpore railway station. The actual name of this place is Satyanarayan Mishtanna Bhandar but it is popularly known as Jolua'r Dokan... Jolua being the nick name of its founder.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Shobhabazaar Rajbari - A Well Preserved Heritage

Raja Nabakrishna Deb (1733-1797) was considered to be "Calcutta's (now Kolkata) premier zamindar" during his time and his palace in Shobhabazar was thought of as the foremost in the list of North Calcutta's great houses.

Originally built by Shobharam Ghosh in the early eighteenth century, Nabakrishna, came to own the property (at 33A Raja Nabakrishna Street) in 1757.
Raja Nabakrishna Deb
 After acquiring the palace he did a series of alterations and renovations. The Thakurdalan was completed in just three months, in time for a lavish Durga Puja Festival. Such was the prominence of Nabakrishna in the North Calcutta society that other Durga Puja ceremonies could only begin after the firing of Nabakrishna's palace cannon.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Kolkata's Aristocratic Houses (Bonedi Bari)

Khelat Bhawan's Thakur Dalan             (Image courtesy

If anyone wants to experience the sheer elegance and class of the yesteryear Bengali aristocracy then the best way is to visit the mansions of the yesteryear Zamindars and Aristocrats in Kolkata... and the best time to do so is during the Durga pujas. The traditional household Pujas of Kolkata are also known as Bonedi Barir Pujo in Bengali. These traditional houses have actually preserved the culture and tradition. During Durga pujas these Bonedi (aristocratic) houses allow tourists to take part in the puja celebrations and see the Thakur Dalan (Ceremonial Platform) of these mansions & palaces.

Since Durga puja is approaching I feel this is the right time to plan the itinerary of your visit to kolkata's traditional houses. West Bengal Tourism has some good tour packages for the same ( So you have to book in advance or else you can also go there on your own. In next few days I will be writing about some of the Aristrocratic houses that I have visited earlier.

Here are the names and addresses of the Bonedi Baris that you can visit This Durga Puja:

Sovabazaar's Maharaja Nabkrishna Deb's Rajbari (Palace)

Address: 33R, Raja Nabakrishna Street, Near Sovabazaar Metro and Lal Mondir, Kolkata - 700005

Rajkrishna Deb's Thakurdalan

Address: 36, Raja Nabakrishna Street, Near Sovabazaar Metro and Lal Mondir, Kolkata - 700005

Khelat Ghosh’s House

Address: Khelat Bhawan, 47, Pathuriaghata Street,
(Near Chitpur Lohia Sadan & Malapara Bus Stopage), Kolkata - 700 006

Sabarna Roy Choudhury Bari

Address: Sabarna Roy Choudhury Paribar Parishad, Saptarshi Bhawan, 67/3 Diamond Harbour Road, Baro Bari, Barisha, Kolkata- 700008

Jorasanko's Narasingha Daw (Dawn) bari

Address: 12A, Shib Krishna Daw Lane, Vivekananda Road , Kolkata 700007

Hatkhola Duttabari

Address: 78, Neemtala Ghat Street, Kolkata

Lahabari (House of Raja Kristo Dass Laha)

Address: 2A, Bidhan Sarani, Sovabazar, Bidhan Sarani, Kolkata, 700006

Basumallick Bari of Potoldanga

Address 01: 22, Radhanath Mullick Lane, Kolkata - 700012

Address 02: 18A, Radhanath Mullick Lane, Kolkata - 700012

Mitrabari of Darjipara

19, Nilmoni Mitra Street, between Girish Park metro & Sovabazaar Metro stations.

Durga Charan Mitra's Thakurdalan

Address: 48/2, Bidon Row, Near Bidon Street Post Office, betwrrn Girish Park and Sovabazar Metro.

Gosain Bari

Address: Gouranga Paathshaala, 548A, Rabintra Sarani, Kolkata - 700003

Kolootala's Badan Chandra Roy Bari

Address: 2, Gopal Chandra Lane, Opp Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, Near Central Metro Station.

Behala's Roy Bari (Amarendranath Bhavan)

Address: 4/1, Roy Bahadur A.C.Roy Road, Behala, Kolkata - 700034

Chhatu Babu Latu Babu Bari

Address: Ramdulal Nibas (Thakurbati), 67E, Beadon Road, Kolkata

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Coffee House, Nostalgia and Adda

A time when Brands like Baristas or Cafe Coffee day were not there, or rather they didn't come into being, Calcuttans had the luxary of having a place like these coffee shops where they could while away their time and no one would bother them and ask to leave the place or order something.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bengali Online Newspapers Published from Bangladesh

After reading one of my earlier blog post on online Bengali newspapers (Published from Kolkata) many readers asked me to write a post on the online Bangla newspapers (epapers) published from Bangladesh. I fully agree and support their demand and think that everyone must get a chance to see and share the rich Bengali culture that is present both in India and Bangladesh. So here I am, with the ever-expanding list of Bangla Newspapers that are published in Bangladesh and are also available online.

In Bangladesh the daily newspapers are published from Dhaka, as well as from major regional cities of Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet and Barisal. All daily newspapers are morning editions, there are no evening editions in Bangladesh.

Some Newspapers have just portals... and some have epapers... so in this post have mentioned links to ePapers as well as News Portals. If you feel that I have missed to mention any site then please do tell me in the comments section. Also your feedback is very much important to me so please do comment.
So here goes the list:-

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Kolkata's Favourite - "Favourite Cabin"

A poorly illuminated medium sized room with a few white marble-top tables and some wobbly chairs – this is what ‘Favorite Cabin’ apparently looks like. Located at 69B Surya Sen Street, the lane off College Square, this unassuming cabin is north Kolkata’s (Calcutta's) oldest tea stall and is quenching Bengalis' thirst for Tea for over 94 years.

Favourite Cabin - Photo Courtesy "Ei Samay" Newspaper

Monday, 4 February 2013

Allen's Kitchen - Pamper Your Taste Buds

Have you tasted the best prawn cutlet in Kolkata yet? Well I have... and It will not be an exaggeration if I say that this is the best prawn cutlet that I ever had in my life. I can still remember that moment when I had the first bite of it... it was "heavenly".

Friday, 21 December 2012

Kolkata's (Calcutta's) Paramount Sorbet Bar - Best In The Town - Next To None

Whenever I visit College Street I make it a point to visit Paramount - the one-stop shop for sherbets in Kolkata (Calcutta). Paramount is a 94 years old sherbet joint that boasts of a rich heritage that very few places in the city can match up to. It is declared as a Heritage building/shop by Kolkata (Calcutta) Municipal Corporation.

Paramount, Sharbat, paradise, Dub, daaber sarbat, daab, green mango, College Street, College square, Kolkata

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Kolkata's Chinese Breakfast

One of the best ways to start your day's food expedition is to have a slice of China in your breakfast... and for this what can be a better place than Kolkata's (Calcutta's) very own "China Town". It is a very interesting fact that Kolkata (Calcutta) is the only city in India that has a "China Town". The Chinese have settled in Kolkata as early as the 1780s, and since then they have played a significant role in defining Kolkata's (Calcutta's) cuisine.

Chinese Breakast, Kolkata, Calcutta, Tiretta bazar, Tiretti bazar, Tangra, China Town, sausages, Tai pao, Momos, Pork, Feng shui