Tuesday, 16 October 2012

About This Blog

People who stay out of Bengal (whether in India or abroad) are known as "Prabasi Bangali" or immigrant Bengalis. Even I am myself a prabasi bengali. So I very well understand what are the things that we really miss about Kolkata (Calcutta) and Bengal. This Blog is an endeavor to bring Kolkata  (Calcutta) and Bengal near you through your laptop, desktop, tab etc.

Whenever we visit Kolkata (Calcutta), the City of Joy, we have great expectations from the city... but since we don't get much time in hand so we require some vital information that makes our stay in the city pleasant. In this Blog I will try to provide these informations. Also I wish to share Info that can help us keep the Bangaliaana alive in our lives.

Feel free to send your feedbacks / suggestions to me @ info@kolkatatraveller.com

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