Friday, 12 October 2012

Best Authentic Sweets in Kolkata (Calcutta) with the names of Shops where you get the best

The sweets of Bengal are world famous... especially the Rossogolla. Whoever comes to Kolkata definitely keeps "Bengali Sweets" in his/her to do list.

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It is very hard to make a list of sweets shops of Kolkata (Calcutta) with rankings of any kind, because everyone makes something at it's best. Still I'll try to make a list of shops where we get best authentic Bengali sweets. These are mainly traditional Bengali sweet shops.
I have written the names of sweets (in Bold) and then the shop name (in bold italic). In this way you will know the names of different authentic Bengali sweets too :)

Rossogolla = K C Das (Esplanade), Chittaranjan (C R Avenue)

Misti Doi = Jugal's (Gariahat Market), Amrita (Fariapukur)

Karapak Sandesh = Bhim Chandra Nag (Boubazar)

Norompak Sandesh = Nokur Nandi (Shimla St), Bancharam (Gariahat)

Kanchagolla = Jugal's (Gariahat Market)

Seeta bhog & Mihidana = Deshbandhu (Barrabazar)

Dorbesh = Sen Mahasay (Fariapukur near bag bazaar)

Pranhora sandesh = Balaram (Bhowanipur)

Kesharbhog = Jugal Kishor Ghosh (Sealdah)

Chtitrakut = Chittaranjan (C R Avenue)

Indrani = K C Das (Esplanade)

Rosomalai = K C Das (Esplanade)

Chhanar jilapi = Jugal's (Gariahat Market)

Baikunthobhog = Yadav Das (Raash Behari Avenue)

Golap Sandesh = Nepal Ch Haluikar (Sarat Bose Rd)

Abarkhabo = Bancharam (Gariahat)

Try these and have fun..


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