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Online Bengali Newspapers - ePapers

In Delhi/Mumbai we get some leading Bengali news papers on the next day... This is because the papers have to travel this distance by Air. No one likes to read old news even if it is in Bangla. Thanks to Internet that has made it possible to read Bengali news papers online as soon as they are published.

These Bengali news papers are in a way helpful to keep the Bengali alive in us. As we know Kolkata (Calcutta) is often referred to as the Cultural Capital of India, and many of these Newspapers Publish Bengali short stories, Poems, Articles etc. that nurture the Grey Matter in us.

Some Newspapers have just portals... and some have epapers... so in this post I will first mention links to ePapers and then the links of News Portals. If you feel that I have missed to mention any site then please do tell me in the comments section. Also your feedback is very much important to me so please do comment.
So here goes the list:-

Ei Shomoy (ePaper) :

ei Shomoy - Bengali newspaper / tabloid from Times of India group
"Ei Shomoy" is a new kid on the block and my favourite. Launched on October 15, 2012, It comes in a broadsheet format.
Ei Shomoy is not just a newspaper but an active medium, a power house of endless energy, It has some very good Articles, Informations, literature. Worth visiting. They also have a suppliment "onno Shomoy" this section covers different topic related to entertainment, film, music, city festivals, travel, leisure etc.

Ebela (ePaper) :

ebela - Bengali newspaper / tabloid from Anandabazar Patrika group
"Ebela" is also a newly launched (on September 17, 2012) Bengali newspaper. The 32-page newspaper is in tabloid format and is targeted at the young readers of West Bengal. This is the second Bengali newspaper from the renowned media house ABP Group. The idea is to serve the paper in a sleek, smart and easy to carry format. The newspaper showcases news on current affairs, entertainment, sports and lifestyle.

Ebela has mainly three sections:-

Ebela: This is the main section of the newspaper. The section covers latest news of West Bengal, India and world.
Obela: This section covers different topic related to entertainment, film, music, city festivals, television schedules etc.
They also have three Detective comic stips on three of the most popular bengali detectives. "kakababu" by Sunil Gangopadhyay, "Feluda" by Satyajit ray and "Byomkesh" by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay
Rabibela: This is a special section of Sunday editions.

Sangbad Pratidin (ePaper) :

Sangbad Pratidin - Bengali newspaper
"Sangbad pratidin" is a widely read and very popular Bengali daily. It is a political paper and seems to me as a bit biased to Trinamool Congress. It boasts political cartoons by renowned cartoonist Mr. Amal Chakrabarti. Its entertainment section "Binodon" has film reviews as well as entertainment and lifestyle news.  Also It has an extensive coverage of sports. The second page of this newspaper is always filled with ads by Astrologers.

Ekdin (ePaper):

Ek Din
"Ekdin" is a broadsheet bengali daily, publishhed by Mr. Partha Chakraborti from Kolkata, Durgapur and Siliguri. It is edited by Mr. Partha Chakraborti and Mr. Suvashis Maitra. Earlier when this paper was started it was edited by Mr Suman Chattopadhyay. Now Mr. Suman has moved to "ei Shomoy".

Shakaal Bela
"Shakaal Bela" is a bengali daily, publishhed by the Saradha group from Kolkata, New Delhi, Durgapur, Siliguri, Guwahati, Shilchar, Shibsagar and Agartala . Mr Sudipta Sen is the chief-editor of this newspaper. They have some interesting sections like "Suppli", "Columbus",   "Duniya Dot Com", "Ghurey Aashi", "Khundey Bigyanir diary" etc

Uttarbanga Sangbad (ePaper):

"Uttarbanga Sangbad" is a bengali daily, publishhed from Siliguri. It is the largest selling news paper in north bengal. Mr Sabyasachi Talukdar is the chief-editor of this newspaper. Their main focus is on the news from North bengal so they are very popular there. Uttarbanga sangbad has sections like "Sanskriti", "Paryavekkhan", "Technobits", "Chalachitra", "Share suggestion", "Shilpo banijjyo" etc.

  Aajkaal (News Portal + paid ePaper) :

"Aajkal" is a broadsheet Bengali daily that is published from Kolkata, Siliguri and Agartala. This newspaper is famous for it's coverage of sports as well as Travel section . It's political alignment is leftist. They have a link to epaper in thei portal but it is not free. Membership is a must for viewing the epaper.

AnandaBazar Patrika (News Portal):

Anandabazar patrika
"Ananda Bazar Patrika" is the largest selling Bengali daily with a circulation of 1.28 million copies. It is published in Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai by the ABP Group. It is so popular that whenever there is a fiery topic discussed people ask "Anandabazar ki bollo?" i.e. They want to know what ABP has to say on that particular topic. Their Sunday supplement "Robibasorio" has Stories by some of the best writers of Bengali literature.

Bartaman (News Portal):

"Bartaman" is a leading Bengali daily published from Kolkata, Siliguri, Burdwan, Malda and Midnapore by Bartaman Pvt. Ltd. It is the second-most widely read Bengali newspaper in India after Anandabazar Patrika. They say they don't fear anyone other than god "Bhagoban Chhara kaaooke bhoy korey na". So they give unbiased and unadulterated news.


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