FAQ: How Do Gogol Visit To Calcutta?

Where does Gogol’s class go on a field trip?

In sixth grade, Gogol goes on a school field trip to rural New England; they make a detour in an old cemetery, and do “rubbings” with charcoal of the names on gravestones, as a lesson in local history. Some students find names resembling their own; Gogol is aware that his name will not be present.

Where does Gogol go during his mother’s final party?

Gogol spends time at the party, taking pictures of Ashima, Sonia, and Ben, setting up the fake tree in the living room for the last time. It is a joyous occasion, but Gogol wants to have a little time alone in his room, and goes upstairs.

How does Gogol meet Ruth?

Where does Gogol meet Ruth? Gogol meets Ruth, a white fellow student at Yale when he takes the seat next to her on the train. They strike up a conversation and begin dating. Ruth leaves for Oxford for a semester and a summer, and when she returns, they no longer get along and break up.

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Who visits Gogol in the hospital?

Three others visit the new family in the hospital, all Bengali friends whom Ashima and Ashoke have met in Cambridge.

What do guests say about Sonia at the rice ceremony?

However, at Sonia’s rice ceremony, the guests say she is a “true American,” meaning she can do anything she wants. There is no prescribed path for Sonia as an American child.

Why does Gogol not want to go to kindergarten?

1 There is a reason Gogol doesn’t want to go to kindergarten. His parents have told him that at school, instead of being called Gogol, he will be called by a new name, a good name, which his parents have finally decided on, just in time for him to begin his formal education.

Why is Gogol attracted to Maxine?

At first, she seems like the answer to all Gogol’s troubles, because Maxine fits the type that Gogol seems to be attracted to: she is all-American, she’s artistic and sexually uninhibited – in other words, she’s the complete opposite of the nice Bengali girl his parents would love him to marry. Maxine is freedom, sure.

Did moushumi and Gogol divorce?

Moushumi keeps the infidelity a secret from Gogol for many months, but finally Gogol suspects something, catches Moushumi in a lie (on the train up to Boston, to visit Gogol’s family), and the couples separates and, eventually, divorces. After their relationship ends, Moushumi drifts out of the novel.

How does Ashoke respond when Gogol says that he is changing his name?

When the judge asks him why he wants to change his name, he says, “I hate the name Gogol. I’ve always hated it.” Ashoke and Ashima don’t approve when they finally learn about Ruth, and Gogol suspects they are secretly pleased when she leaves for a semester to study abroad in England.

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Why do Gogol and Ruth break up?

They broke up because Maxine wanted to go with Gogol to wrap up his dads life but Maxine did not know his dad well. Moushumi and Gogol share the experience of having a complicated connection to their family and history, which brings them together, but is too limited to support a real relationship.

What attracts Gothol Ruth?

o Gogol finds himself attracted to Ruth because she is his first “American friend” (p. 112) with whom he can share his Indian culture and personal interests. o Gogol feels attracted to Ruth because she is interesting and different and not “because of a past they happen to share” (p. 119).

What is the importance of Gogol legally changing his name?

“Gogol” makes Gogol feel like a child. Thus Gogol changes his name, officially, not to change how the world sees him, but to help change how he sees himself. He changes his name as part of a larger process of personal transformation and growth.

Why doesn’t the Ganguli baby get the name it was supposed to get before leaving the hospital?

Why doesn’t the Ganguli baby get the name it was supposed to get before leaving the hospital? The grandmother’s letter never arrived. Ashoke and Ashima couldn’t agree on a name. Indian babies are never named so early in life.

What does Gogol choose at the rice ceremony?

Gogol’s rice ceremony, too, is a symbolic event, and Gogol’s reluctance to choose the soil, the pen, or the dollar will be complicated, later, by his choice of career (architecture) and by his inability to determine his wishes in other aspects of his life.

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What future does Gogol choose in his naming ceremony?

They decide to give their son the pet name “Gogol” in honor of Nikolai Gogol until they receive Ashima’s grandmother’s letter to determine his formal name.

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