FAQ: How To Clean My Calcutta 250?

How do you clean a Shimano Calcutta reel?

Access the spool assembly on Shi- mano® Calcutta® and Calcutta B® via thumbscrews located on right side plate. Remove spool assembly Using cotton swabs and/or a toothbrush with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, clean the exterior of the reel. Clean levelwind system of dirt, debris and old grease.

Do you grease Carbontex drag washers?

Carbontex can be installed dry OR with a LIGHT coating of Cal’s Universal Reel and Drag grease. This is the only grease we recommend. It can be used on the drags and everywhere else in the reel grease is desired.

Can you use reel grease on drag washers?

Any thin viscosity reel lube will work but my favorite light oil is Hot Sauce by Quantum. I use drag grease on drag washers and reel grease on gears.

Can you put fishing line back on spool?

Step 4: Attach the Line to the Reel Spool You should wrap the line two times around the reel spool, then secure it with an over-hand knot. Trim the tag end close. If you’re restringing your reel because the line that was on there is worn out, you may choose to leave some of the old line on the reel as backing.

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