FAQ: What Adjustments Do Gogol And Sonia Have To Make In Their Life In Calcutta?

What effect does the families visit to the Taj Mahal have on Gogol?

What effect does the family’s visit to the Taj Mahal have on Gogol? It affect him powerfully he had heard the story that the builders cut their own thumbs of so it could not be built again. He tries to draw the building and he studies about it because no buliding affected him that powerfully.

How does Ashima react to Gogol’s time in pre school?

How does Ashima react to Gogol’s time in pre-school? She is despondent, unused to being alone all over again.

What is Gogol’s final realization?

He realizes it is his opportunity, finally, to connect more fully with his father’s life, and to learn more deeply what the name “Gogol” meant to Ashoke. The novel ends.

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How does Mr Lawson’s account of Nikolai Gogol’s life affect Gogol?

Gogol Ganguli cringes when he hears Lawson explain the terrible sadness of Gogol (the writer’s) life, including periods of depression and mania, lack of success in publishing, and horrid writer’s block. Gogol eventually dies of self-inflicted malnutrition.

Why do Maxine and Gogol finally break up?

They broke up because Maxine wanted to go with Gogol to wrap up his dads life but Maxine did not know his dad well. Moushumi and Gogol share the experience of having a complicated connection to their family and history, which brings them together, but is too limited to support a real relationship.

Why do Gogol and Maxine break up?

She and Gogol break up after the death of his father, when he is pulled back toward his family and begins to feel that she is an outsider, refusing to allow her to accompany them to India for Ashoke’s funeral.

Why does Gogol not want to go to kindergarten?

1 There is a reason Gogol doesn’t want to go to kindergarten. His parents have told him that at school, instead of being called Gogol, he will be called by a new name, a good name, which his parents have finally decided on, just in time for him to begin his formal education.

Why is Ashima embarrassed to wear the hospital gown?

Why is Ashima embarrassed to wear a hospital gown? It only comes to her knees. Home to their family. Her childhood home in India.

What does Ashoke think of his new job?

Summary and Analysis Chapter 3. The Gangulis move to a Boston suburb, and Ashoke begins a new teaching job at a university. Ashoke loves his job, but Ashima hates the suburbs, feeling even more isolated and out of place than she had in the heart of the city.

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What do guests say about Sonia at the rice ceremony?

However, at Sonia’s rice ceremony, the guests say she is a “true American,” meaning she can do anything she wants. There is no prescribed path for Sonia as an American child.

Who did Gogol marry?

After a year of dating, Moushumi and Gogol marry. Their parents plan the ceremony, which takes place in the New Jersey suburbs, close to Moushumi’s family’s new home.

How does Gogol react to his father’s death?

After his grandparents’ deaths, Gogol had to eat a vegetarian diet for ten days and was irritated by the restriction forced on him by his parents. Now, as he mourns his father, he finds himself understanding and appreciating the Bengali practice of avoiding meat during mourning.

How does Ashoke respond when Gogol says that he is changing his name?

When the judge asks him why he wants to change his name, he says, “I hate the name Gogol. I’ve always hated it.” Ashoke and Ashima don’t approve when they finally learn about Ruth, and Gogol suspects they are secretly pleased when she leaves for a semester to study abroad in England.

What does Gogol tell Kim his name is?

Answer Expert Verified Gogol did tell the girl at the party, Kim, that his name is Nikhil because he wishes there was another name he could use.

What happens in Chapter 5 of the namesake?

Gogol decides to change his name, officially, to Nikhil, the summer before he heads to Yale. Although Ashima and Ashoke wonder why their son is so angered, all of a sudden, by the name Gogol, they let him do as he wishes.

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