Question: How Might The Local Water Budget Of Calcutta Differ From That Of Stockholm?

How does the local water budget differ from the water budget of the whole earth?

The water budget of Earth as a whole is balanced because the amount of precipitation is equal to the amount of evapotranspiration and runoff. However, the water budget of a particular area, called the local water budget, usually is not balanced.

Why are most local water budgets unbalanced?

Why are most local water budgets not balanced? When precipitation exceeds evapotranspiration and runoff in an area, the result is moist soil and possible flooding. Vegetation reduces runoff in an area but increases evapotranspiration. How does vegetation and rainfall affect the local water budget?

What are the two sources of moisture for a water budget?

What are two sources of moisture for a water budget? Groundwater and precipitation 2. What causes the potential evapotranspiration to vary from month to month?

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What happens when the soil in an area soaks up as much water as it can hold?

How does a river form? Precipitation exceeds evaportranspiration, soil soaks as much water as it can hold, excess water erodes the land, and eventually a river valley forms.

How does temperature affect water budget?

Temperature also influences water availability. The higher the temperature, the greater the amount of water that is lost from the Earth’s surface and returned to the atmosphere through evaporation and transpiration, collectively known as evapotranspiration.

What are two ways to ensure the continued supply of fresh water?

Several key water cycle steps – evaporation, condensation and precipitation – help ensure the proportionately scanty amount of moisture contained in freshwater is continually renewed.

What is the local water budget?

A water budget is a method of calculating the natural inputs and outputs in a water system to determine water availability and usage. Deposits into the water budget mainly come from precipitation and are greatly impacted by climate and season.

What is the difference between water budget and water balance?

A water budget reflects the relationship between input and output of water through a region. The water balance graph shows precipitation and potential evapotranspiration both as line graphs. Thus we have a direct comparison of supply of water and the natural demand for water.

How do you calculate water budget?

A The Water-Budget Equation P + Qin = ET + ∆S + Qout (A1) where P is precipitation, Qin is water flow into the watershed, ET is evapotranspira tion (the sum of evaporation from soils, surface-water bodies, and plants), ∆S is change in water storage, and Qout is water flow out of the watershed.

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What are the conditions under which surplus may exist?

Budgetary surpluses occur when income earned exceeds expenses paid. A surplus results from a disconnect between supply and demand for a product, or when some people are willing to pay more for a product than other consumers. Typically, a surplus causes a market disequilibrium in the supply and demand of a product.

What is a water budget and how is it calculated?

Indoor Water Budget The indoor budget is calculated using four factors: The number of people in the household. The average amount of water an efficient person uses daily. The number of days in the billing cycle.

What are examples of direct methods of flood control?

Which of the following are all direct methods of flood control? Dams, artificial levees, and overflow channels. What is stream load?

What is the main condition needed for a river to develop?

What is the main condition needed for a river to develop? Precipitation exceeds evapotranspiration. How does a rivers speed affect how much it erodes in a channel? The faster the river, the faster it erodes its channel.

Which is one way surface water may become groundwater quizlet?

When rainwater reaches Earth’s surface, it can run off into surface water bodies or infiltrate soil and rock to become groundwater.

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