Question: How To Run A Playerauctions Calcutta?

Is PlayerAuctions a good place to sell?

Yes, PlayerAuctions is an authentic and trustworthy platform. We’ve been up and running since 1999 and are trusted by 1 million+ registered members. Our business protects Buyers from scams, and provides Sellers protection against payment fraud and chargebacks.

Is player auction legal?

It is perfectly legal.

How do you become a seller on PlayerAuctions?

How can I register a Seller account? Posting offers is free. Go to create an offer for the product you wish to sell on our website. After filling in all the fields in offer creation page, click the button ‘Create New Offer’ to submit your page and you will receive an offer ID.

Can you get scammed on PlayerAuctions?

Apparently all you need to do is fake some screenshot on a private server and you can scam for any amount you want on Playerauctions.

Is PlayerAuctions legit for GTA 5?

Yes, we at PlayerAuctions got some GTA V modded accounts, and we are legit with a player-to-player online trading platform. Meaning, your fellow players and PlayerAuctions clients, not us, will be the ones selling what you’re looking for. There is no need to worry about us being a scam site.

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Is PlayerAuctions legit Reddit 2021?

It’s legit. I have over 600 reviews.

What currency is PlayerAuctions?

We encourage buyers to pay with crypto currencies—such as USDC and DAI — because they are fast, secure, stable and have very low fees. To make a purchase on PlayerAuctions with a cryptocurrency, first, you need to have some cryptocurrency (just like you need USD in order to pay with USD).

How do sellers get verified?

How can I qualify as a Verified Seller and what are the benefits?

  1. Completed and passed all verification steps from PlayerAuctions.
  2. Read and complied with PlayerAuctions trading policies.
  3. Completed a successful transaction as a seller more than 90 days ago.
  4. Completed a minimum of 5 successful transactions.

How long does PlayerAuctions take to verify?

How Long Should It Take? Upon receiving your information, it usually takes our team around 30 minutes to conduct a manual review of your documents. If you are facing a delay, it is likely that we are experiencing an influx of support requests which means it might take us a little more time to conduct our review.

How can I sell my CoC account?

How to sell my CoC Account?

  1. Register (for Free!)
  2. Post your CoC account up for sale (Still Free!)
  3. Once there is a buyer, we will notify you via email.
  4. Send account log in information to the buyer, or if you selected automatic delivery, we will send them for you instantly.
  5. Get paid once the buyer confirms the delivery.

Can you sell a game account?

For sellers, selling game accounts is not just an opportunity to make money, as well as a way to help out other players that want to skip the grind. However, it will always be a profit-driven endeavor. Thus, sellers have the freedom to sell accounts for games at whatever price they deem fit.

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Why is my account suspended on player auctions?

From time to time, our Risk Management Team will suspend members, and lock them out of our website. This is done to protect the integrity of our marketplace. If you create more than 1 account, then all of your accounts will be suspended.

Can you chargeback PlayerAuctions?

Playerauctions guarantee you loose no money if any chargeback occurs, mainly due to their total revenue, which comes from the fee any seller has to pay (the % cut). That fee basically acts as a deposit, to secure your money, and make it safe from chargebacks; in simple terms.

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