Quick Answer: How To Find Waterfall At Calcutta Falls?

Can you swim in black Hole of Calcutta falls?

The trail does go beyond the falls for a further hike. There are also a few trails that traverse down to the beautiful river. Out and back, not bad but falls wasn’t large enough to swim. Nice hike but gets busy, 1.1 mile out so rather short hike.

How long is the black Hole of Calcutta trail?

It’s 2.2 miles round-trip on mostly level trails to a nice wooden footbridge in front of a waterfall (when water is running seasonally).

Is hidden falls stroller friendly?

I would not describe this as an easy or moderate hike and the falls are not accessible by wheelchair or stroller which is sad. This is a moderate to more challenging hike depending on the trails you take, but it’s always beautiful. There can be a lot of mountain bikers, so be aware while hiking.

Is Hidden Falls kid friendly?

Is Hidden Falls Regional Park kid-friendly? The short answer is yes, but if this is your first time going to this regional park in Auburn you might have all sorts of questions in regards to that.

Can you swim in Hidden Falls?

Lots of horses Once you get down to the bottom all 3 trails take you to hidden falls or you can go swim in the water.

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How do I get to Hidden Falls?

Hidden Falls is accessible via the Jenny Lake Loop Trail (4.8 miles RT) or by taking the shuttle boat to shorten the hike (1 mile RT). If you are planning on using the shuttle boat, check their hours and prices. Tickets are purchased directly at the boat dock.

Can you go swimming at Hidden Falls Regional Park?

Hidden Falls offers approximately 30 miles of multiple-use trails for hiking, running, biking and equestrian riding, two observation decks for viewing the 30 +/- foot waterfalls, riparian habitat along several creeks, unimproved picnic areas, swimming areas and fishing access.

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