Quick Answer: How To Tell Tonkin Bamboo From Calcutta Bamboo?

Where does Tonkin bamboo come from?

Pseudosasa Amabilis ‘ Tonkin Cane ‘ or ‘Tea Stick’ bamboo is native to China. This is the famous flyrod bamboo, or fishing poll bamboo. Used for over 100 years in the custom building of handmade split flyrods.

How fast does Tonkin bamboo grow?

The way I understand it, Tonkin grows to its full height in a few weeks. From that point forward, it continues to grow in wall thickness. Most of what we get from the Demarests and Andy Royer has been harvested at 3-4 years old. The plant will live for 18 years before flowering.

What type of bamboo is used for fly rods?

Materials. Gather your rod making materials. First, you will need a 10 to 12-foot piece of Tonkin cane, which is the type of bamboo most often used in rod making due to its long, dense fibers. You can order Tonkin cane online.

Where does Tonkin cane grow?

Vasanth S. Tonkin cane is a type of bamboo tree that is part of the Poaceae plant family. It is native to southern China and is typically grown along the Sui River. The tall tree features strong bark that is used for a variety of applications, including building fishing poles and other rod-like instruments.

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Why do bamboo fly rods?

Bamboo fly rods are ideal for the most subtle and delicate of presentations, and for anglers who enjoy the rod’s slow and very flexible action. Much like fiberglass fly rods, bamboo fly rods deliver a unique feel and experience when battling a fish. The give of the fly rod helps to protect light tippets from breaking.

What does a bamboo fly rod look like?

A bamboo fly rod is made of six strips of bamboo glued together to form hexagon (photo below). The strips are triangular in cross-section, and since the rod tapers from handle to tip, the triangular strips taper, too — the triangle is bigger at one end of the strip than the other.

How do you grow Tonkin bamboo?

Tonkin Bamboo is very easy to grow and low maintenance. It grows well in most any most but well drained soil of average fertility and full sun to part shade and is cold hardy to 15°F. Tonkin Bamboo is a running bamboo, which means it spreads, but it’s a slow spreader that eventually forms a small grove.

Is bamboo a grass?

Bamboos are a group of woody perennial evergreen plants in the true grass family Poaceae. Although bamboo is a grass, many of the larger bamboos are very tree-like in appearance and they are sometimes called “bamboo trees”.

How long do bamboo fly rods last?

A quality fishing rod can last for decades. I’m still regularly using a rod I bought in the late 1970’s. I also have a rod that dates from the early 1960’s that is still functional. Some fly anglers still use bamboo rods that are 60-70 years old.

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