Quick Answer: What Happened To Helens Stepfather While He Was In Calcutta?

Did Dr Roylott spent time in Calcutta where he killed his butler?

Roylott spent time in jail after being convicted of beating his Indian butler to death. He narrowly avoided the death penalty and instead was sent to prison for a very long time.

How did Holmes know Helen was screening her stepfather?

How did Holmes know Helen was “screening ” her stepfather? The bruises on Helen’s wrist.

When did Julia Stoner die?

Short Answer: Julia dies after being bitten by her step-father’s venomous swamp adder. At the beginning of the story, Helen Stoner visits Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson and explains to them that she fears for her life.

Where had Helen’s stepfather practiced medicine?

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson rise unusually early one morning to meet a young woman named Helen Stoner who fears that her stepfather, Dr. Grimesby Roylott, is threatening her life. Roylott is a doctor who practiced in Calcutta, India, and was married to Helen’s late mother when she was a widow living there.

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How did Holmes figure out that Dr. Roylott murdered Julia?

Holmes discovers that Roylott wants to kill his step daughters in order to maintain control over their inheritance. He sent a snake (the speckled band) through the air vents to poison them in their sleep. In the end, the snake turns against Roylott and he is killed.

Why did Dr. Roylott kill Julia?

Dr. Roylott wanted to kill Julia because she had become engaged to be married. He was legally obligated to give her one-third of the income from her mother’s estate. He couldn’t afford to part with that much money because he was heavily in debt.

What did Dr Roylott do to Helen’s arm?

So the marks on Helen’s wrist were made by her stepfather Dr. Roylott. So even after Helen realized that her stepfather was trying to kill her with a poisonous snake, and even after she realized that he killed her sister with that snake two years earlier, she was still trying to protect her stepfather’s reputation.

Who had been secretly following Helen on her visit to Holmes?

Grimesby Roylott might follow her, and she tried to disguise herself by wearing what was evidently the mourning dress and dark veil she had worn at her sister Julia’s funeral two years before. But she has only made herself all the more conspicuous.

What did Dr Roylott do to the blacksmith?

Helen recalled a confrontation between Dr. Roylott and the local blacksmith. Helen had said that Dr. Roylott hurled the blacksmith over something and into a stream.

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What were Julia stoners last words?

At the time of her death, Julia was engaged to be married to a major of the marines, and her marriage would have meant that she would receive a portion of the recurring annual inheritance that was set up to go to Roylott before her mother’s death. Her final words— “It was the band!

What was suspicious about Julia’s bedroom?

What was suspicious about Julia’s bedroom? The bedspread was hideous! The bed was nailed to the floor.

Why did Dr Roylott spend time in jail?

Dr. Roylott spends time in jail because he beat his Indian butler to the point of death after hearing the news regarding a break in to his house. She also tells Holmes that the coroner tried to find evidence that would prove Roylott was involved in Julia’s death.

Why did Helen stoners stepfather go to India?

Helen Stoner told Holmes that her stepfather was the last survivor of the old Saxon families in England. She told him about his trip to India and his marriage to her mother. Dr. Roylott went to India because of his imprisonment.

What change has happened in Julia’s life a few weeks before she died?

Julia’s life had been lonely and difficult, and was just starting to get better right before her death. Sherlock Holmes’s newest client, Helen Stoner, explains that she and her sister did not lead lives of pleasure before she died. No servant would stay with us, and for a long time we did all the work of the house.

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What kind of man is Dr Grimesby Roylott?

Dr. Roylott is characterized as a cruel and selfish man, more concerned with his finances than he is with the well-being of his family. Additionally, Dr. Roylott is shown to have an immense interest in foreign animals, as seen by his choices of pets throughout the story.

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