Readers ask: How To Adjust Shimano Calcutta Reel?

Is Shimano Calcutta good for saltwater?

If you’re in the market for a good saltwater baitcasting reel, then once again we recommend the Shimano Calcutta! However, you really can’t go wrong with any of these reels. After all, we selected them as the best saltwater baitcasting reels on the market today.

How do you clean a Shimano Calcutta reel?

Access the spool assembly on Shi- mano® Calcutta® and Calcutta B® via thumbscrews located on right side plate. Remove spool assembly Using cotton swabs and/or a toothbrush with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, clean the exterior of the reel. Clean levelwind system of dirt, debris and old grease.

What is cast control?

On the side of your reel, under the handle and next to the drag adjustment, is a small, round knob. This is the spool-tension control, sometimes called a cast-control knob. It’s analogous to the hand brake on your car. If the reel backlashes, untangle it and tighten the control knob a little more.

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