Readers ask: What American Values Does Ashima Take Back With Her To Calcutta?

What does Ashima wear for her final party?

One of the last things Ashima does as she prepares the house for her farewell Christmas party is to wear a bathrobe, a gift from her husband that was picked out by her children.

Does Ashima move back to India?

Ashima will retain a spiritual connection to India, and she will live there half a year, in order to be close to the family members from whom she has been separated for years. But Sonia (and her husband Ben) and Gogol will remain in America.

Why did Ashima and Ashoke move to America?

When Ashoke thinks of India, he thinks of a place he barely survived, a place he needed to leave in order to learn how to live again. Their child’s birth makes Ashima miss India all the more; for Ashoke, it serves as a fresh reminder of why he chose to move to America.

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How does Ashima change?

Ashima’s character undergoes a great transformation throughout the novel as she adapts to new customs and new family dynamics. She ends up adopting a new perspective on life and finally settles with dividing her time between India and America.

Did moushumi and Gogol divorce?

Moushumi keeps the infidelity a secret from Gogol for many months, but finally Gogol suspects something, catches Moushumi in a lie (on the train up to Boston, to visit Gogol’s family), and the couples separates and, eventually, divorces. After their relationship ends, Moushumi drifts out of the novel.

What happens at end of namesake?

The story ends with Gogol, Sonia, Sonia’s fiance (Ben), Ashima and their extended Bengali family at her mother’s Christmas party. We learn that Moushumi and Gogol are divorced and Sonia is about to marry Ben. Ashima has sold the house and will soon go to Calcutta.

Why did Gogol and Maxine break up?

They broke up because Maxine wanted to go with Gogol to wrap up his dads life but Maxine did not know his dad well. Moushumi and Gogol share the experience of having a complicated connection to their family and history, which brings them together, but is too limited to support a real relationship.

How does Ashima feel about living alone?

Although Ashima feels uncomfortable living so far from her family, and insists that she does not “want to raise Gogol alone in this country” (p. 33), after a time, she “begins to pride herself on doing it alone” (p. 34).

What does Ghosh say to Ashoke?

“My grandfather always says that’s what books are for,” Ashoke said, using the opportunity to open the volume in his hands. ” To travel without moving an inch. ” “To each his own,” Ghosh said.

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How does Ashima learn that her husband has died?

How does Ashima learn of her husband’s death? From a phone call. To identify his Dad’s body. What kind of diet do Ashima, Gogol, and Sonia follow during the 11-day morning period after Ashoke’s death?

How does Ashima feel about their move to the suburbs?

Summary and Analysis Chapter 3. The Gangulis move to a Boston suburb, and Ashoke begins a new teaching job at a university. Ashoke loves his job, but Ashima hates the suburbs, feeling even more isolated and out of place than she had in the heart of the city.

Why does Ashima feel pity for her son?

Ashima felt pity for her son because she could not spend time with his son. Explanation: She sent her son to Ganguli to take care of him. She was feeling guilty over this that she could not parent her son well.

Why are names important in the namesake?

Names are a central theme of The Namesake, and Gogol’s name is one way Lahiri explores the character’s coming-of-age and his struggle to reconcile his Indian and American identities. She also explores generational conflict and family relationships through this central issue of naming.

What happened to Ashima’s grandmother?

The next day they learn that Ashima’s grandmother has had a stroke. The Gangulis begin preparing to visit Calcutta, trying to think of a good name for Gogol to put on his passport.

How does the train crash affect Ashoke’s life?

Ashoke’s life turns on the train accident that nearly kills him. After the accident, he resolves to travel, to see the world as Ghosh has urged him to do. The Gogol he is reading in the train leads to his son’s pet name.

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