What Is Resource Studies For B. Com In Calcutta University?

Is maths compulsory for B Com Hons in Calcutta University?

Mathematics: A candidate shall be allowed to take up Honours in Mathematics if he/she has passed in Mathematics at the previous qualifying examination. A candidate who has passed in Business Mathematics is not eligible for admission to the Mathematics Honours Course.

Which subject is best for BCom 1st year?

BCom 1st Year Subjects list and Syllabus

  • Financial Accounting. It is one of the best subjects in BCom 1st year and first semester.
  • New Venture Planning ( E )
  • Business Organization and Management.
  • Environmental Studies.
  • Business Economics.
  • Principles of Micro-Economics ( E )
  • English and Business Communication.

What are the studies in BCom?

The specializations of BCom are listed in this section.

  • BCom Applied Economics.
  • BCom Economics.
  • BCom Marketing.
  • BCom Accountancy.
  • BCom Finance.
  • BCom Accounting and Finance.
  • BCom Banking and Finance.
  • BCom Banking Management.

Is maths compulsory for BCom?

Maths is not compulsory for B.Com. bachelor of commerce is about Accountancy. Accounts need basic mathematics like Addition, Substraction, Multiplication, Division, Averages, Percentages. Accounts is not a complex subject.

What is the cut off of Goenka College?

The cut-off for getting into Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration is 88% in 12th. Entrance exam is not required.

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Which is City of Joy in India?

CITY OF JOY! Kolkata, A City of Joy! Kolkata is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.

Is BCom easy?

It is not about easy or difficult. Your decision should be made keeping in mind the interests, strengths, aptitude and career goals. **B.Com degree equips a student with fundamentals and concepts on Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance, Economics and Industrial Policies. It is not about easy or difficult.

What is Fullform of BCom?

Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) Course – Overview Bachelor of Commerce or B. Com is the most popular undergrad course in the country. This course is done after 12th standard.

Which BCom course is best?

List of Available Top 5 B.Com Specialisation

  • B.Com (Economics) – Many students like to specialise in economics for their B.Com degree.
  • B.Com (Accounting & Finance) –
  • B.Com (Financial Markets) –
  • B.Com (Banking & Insurance) –
  • B.Com (Taxation) –

What are the jobs after BCom?

List of Career after B.Com

  • Post Graduation in career after B.Com.
  • Chartered Accountant (CA) in Career after B.Com.
  • Company Secretary (CS) in Career after B.Com.
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Actuarial Science in career after B.Com.
  • Financial Risk Management.
  • A Corporate Job.
  • Business Analyst.

What course is best?

Let us start with traditional courses first.

  1. 1 B.Com. This is the most popular choice among Commerce stream students.
  2. 2 Chartered Accountancy.
  3. 3 Bachelor’s course in Economics.
  4. 4 Company Secretaryship course.
  5. 5 Law courses.
  6. 6 Management courses.
  7. 7 Technical courses.
  8. 8 Designing courses.

What is the salary of BCom in India?

Bachelor of Commerce of BCom is a widely common course in India. BCom jobs are abundant in India with an average BCom Salary of INR 350000 – 6,00,000 starting. BCom Jobs include tax consultants, Auditor, Stock Broker, Finance Expert etc.

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